Features & Benefits

Test Early#

If your system under test is not ready, or even is not developed yet, we still can test it by creating model without any commands.

It is useful to:

  • Validate documentation
  • Find bugs early in development process

Reduce Cost#

All you need to do is creating and maintaining your models. No need to worry about maintaining dozen, hundred of test cases.

Compatible With Selenium IDE#

It can:

  • Use commands from Selenium IDE.
  • Export bug to Selenium IDE project.

A tester who is familiar with Selenium IDE can start working on this tool quickly.

Increase Test Coverage#

This tool by default generate test case to cover 100% number of places and transitions your model have.

Exploratory Testing#

Each time running task, a new completely different test case are generated. You can also use Selenium IDE to execute Javascript code to generate random data for your test. This give you more chance to find a new bug.

Do Everything From UI#

No coding required. Everything from defining model, creating task to managing bugs from UI.

Back Up Models#

Easy to back up models by importing/exporting json files

Support Multiple Browsers#

By default, with help from Selenoid project, this tool can test your web application on these browsers:

  • Android from version 4.4
  • Chrome from version 48.0
  • Chrome Mobile from version 73.0
  • Firefox from version 48.0
  • Microsoft Edge Chromium from version 88.0
  • Opera from version 33.0

For more information, please check here

Improve Testing Speed#

You can define models or create tasks as many as you want, this tool will split into smaller jobs to assign to background workers to improve testing speed.

Reduce Bug's Reproduce Steps#

Bug's reproduce steps are reduced automatically, so it helps tester verify and report the bug easier.

Report Bug To Multiple Channels#

Bug can be reported to these channels:

  • Email
  • Slack

Record Bug#

Bug will be recorded as video to help tester verify it.